Muu'to Zhen

The Magitek Miqo

Name: Muu'to Zhen
Age: At least 27?
Race: Miqo'te
Clan: Keeper of the Moon
Height: 5 fulm 8.5 ilms
Occupation: Chief of Staff at 'The Golden Whisker'
Relationship Status: Single
Notable Features: Both legs from the mid-thigh down are magitek, as well as his left arm. There is also severe scarring around his mouth, half of a Glasgow smile on right side of face.
Extra: There's an ever present rasp to his voice.


Due to the trauma Muu’to suffered during the Garlean experiments that took his legs, his past is unknown even to him, other than the past two years.

During the early part of those years, the Miqo’te made his way in the land as a travelling mercenary and handyman, finding only a modicum of success with the latter, but quite a bit more with the former due to his impressive skills as a Red Mage.

He then signed on with a group known as The Valkyries, who purportedly dedicated themselves to protecting Eorzea, as the Scions could not be everywhere. However, upon uncovering deep-seated corruption among the leaders of The Valkyries, he and fellow member Silucia Luncionno left the company. As a final piece of revenge, they left a stack of files in the main floor of the Valkyries’ headquarters, detailing the malicious intent and intolerable actions of their leadership.

After considerably more wandering, Muu’to happened upon a hotel run by none other than Silent Veil, who offered him a job guarding the hotel’s clients in return for food and a place to stay.


The rest, as they say, is history, and Muu’to still works for Silent. After some inexplicable happenings at the hotel, however, the two of them were forced to abandon it and begin a new venture: a grand casino known as 'The Golden Whisker'.

Additionally, Muu’to himself occupies his day-to-day with jobs at the Arzzaneth Ossuary. Thanks to his incredible aether sensitivity, he’s made something of a name for himself as the Ossuary’s Hunting Dog, tracking down mages who stray too close to the void.

More recently, he has been on a particularly difficult assignment concerning a powerful mage who has created a Perfect Clockwork. He has no idea what a Perfect Clockwork is, nor do his employers, but several members of his team have already died, and Muu’to seems to be getting more exhausted by the day.


Silent Veil - Close Friend

An alcoholic who loves Namazu for reasons Muu’to will never understand. His employer, closest friend, and the only person he considers his true family. There are very few lengths to which Muu’to would not go to protect the casino owner, or her husband...though neither of them need it.

Layho Blightstourm - Close Friend/Mechanic

The strange man who crafted the original iterations of Muu’to’s magitek parts. An Au’ra he respects deeply, and enjoys teasing. Muu’to sees Layho as something of a mad scientist, and often comes to him to ask for new bits and bobs to be crafted.


The Ossuary’s Hunting Dog

- Despite Muu’to’s earnest attempts to keep himself out of sight while working for the Ossuary, Ul’dahn citizens have started to notice a miqo’te in heavy robes, with one metal hand and legs that clink as he walks, leaving the city and returning with mages in shackles.

Aetherically Attuned

- The Magitek Miqo’te possesses such a high sensitivity to aether, he can suffer debilitating effects from particularly powerful aetheric signatures, unless he’s wearing a protective amulet made for him by Silucia, and the gunblade crafted for him by Layho, who added an aetheric dampener to the weapon.

The Empty Aspect

- Muu’to isn’t without aether, but it does not feel aspected to any element, instead feeling like empty space around him, as though the very air keeps its distance. Under normal circumstances, the miqo’te suppresses the sensation for the comfort of those around him, but those who possess high sensitivity may notice the oddity of his aether.

Sylvan Spirits Satisfy Superbly

- Those who spend their time in the Twelveswood may spot Muu’to chatting amicably with the Sylphs who make his favorite mead, and loading up a cask or two to cart off to...wherever he keeps it.